Do you find yourself torn between the debate of 3/4 guitar vs full size? It can be difficult deciding what type of guitar is right. If this struggle sounds familiar, be happy because this blog post will be the answer to all your questions! 

The main difference between the 3/4 guitar and the full-size guitar is the size. The 3/4 guitar is up to 40 inches with a scale length of 24 inches while the full size is bigger and the scale length is about 14 inches. 

Below we’ll discuss things like size, scale, and sound quality in detail and then compare the key differences. By understanding the differences, you’ll be able to easily decide which one fits your preferences better. 

3/4 Guitar Vs Full Size – An Overview

3/4 Guitar Vs Full Size? Which One Suits You Best

3/4 Size Guitar  

You must be wondering about the 3/4-sized guitar. No worries, we’ve got you covered! 

3/4 Guitar Vs Full Size? Which One Suits You Best

A 3/4 guitar is a small guitar compared to the full-size guitar. You can find the overall length up to 40×15 inches. 

While the guitar’s body will be around 36×13 inches. Remember, size is important because it affects your body when you play the guitar. Apart from the overall size, the scale length would be smaller, up to 24 inches maximum contrast to the full-sized guitar. 

The size is the reason why a 3/4 size guitar is known as the best choice for beginners, children, or teenagers who can’t hold a big guitar. But wait, it’s suitable for children, and teenagers, doesn’t mean adults and professionals don’t use it. 

As per our research, famous singer and guitarist Ed Sheeran is known for using 3/4 guitar. It all depends on what suits “you”. 

Full-Size Guitar

What makes the full-sized guitar different from the 3/4 guitar? Just scroll down the page a little bit and you’ll get the answer below. 

A full-sized guitar, as the name suggests is a full-sized guitar meaning bigger than the 3/4 guitar. A guitar that size is bigger than 36 inches is known as a full-sized guitar. The same is for scale length; if it’s above 24 inches, it’s a full-sized guitar. 

This is popular among adults and mostly used by professionals. The reason why it’s not beginner friendly is its size which is wide and makes it quite heavy. Other than that, it’s the best choice because of its high-quality sound (the point where the 3/4 guitar lacks). 

The biggest downside is it’s pricey, particularly for people who aren’t professionals and thinking of getting a good guitar only for practice. 

Best 3/4 Guitar and Full-Size Guitar – Comparison

GuitarWhy Should You Choose?Why Should You Avoid?Best For Best Guitar Options 
3/4 Size GuitarEasy to use.
Small size (up to 36 inches body).
Affordable guitar. 
Best for beginners and learners
The sound quality won’t be as great as a full-size guitar. Beginners.
Children and teenagers. 
Pyle Classical Guitar. Donner Acoustic Guitar. Yamaha JR1 FG Guitar. 
Full-Size GuitarBig size (more than 36 inches body).
Best sound quality. 
Easy to use. 
The price would be higher. Expert. 
For professional use. 
Enya NEXG Guitar. SIGMA 40” Guitar.SIGMA 41” Guitar. 

Key-Differences Between 3/4 Guitar Vs. Full-Size Guitar 

Let’s dig a little more into the differences between the 3/4 guitar and the full guitar so you can make the right decision quickly. If you’re in a hurry, you can check the quick overview section; otherwise, the best is to read the details. 

Sound Quality 

The sound quality is the most important thing you should consider when selecting a guitar. If it’s not good, you won’t be able to enjoy the performance nor the audience. So let’s check the differences! 

There are major differences between a full-size guitar and a 3/4-size guitar in terms of sound. While both guitars generate good sounds, according to the majority of the experts, the full-size guitar sounds better when it comes to professional use. 

A full-size guitar typically produces a fuller range of sounds with robust rhythms. On the other hand, a 3/4 size guitar works better for lighter pieces like the classical, and for other music types, the sound won’t be as great as the full-size guitar. 

Still, everything depends on you. No matter which instrument you choose, you will get an amazing sound as long as you choose a high-quality guitar and understand how the instrument works.

Size of Guitar 

The second major difference between the 3/4 size guitar and the full size is the overall length. As stated, the full-size guitar would come with a larger body of more than 36 inches wide and a scale length of above 24 inches. 

In comparison, the 3/4 size guitar will have a shorter body of up to 36 inches, and the scale length won’t surpass 24 inches. 

Ease of Use 

Which guitar will be easy to use, 3/4 guitar or a full-size guitar? Well, it depends on you and your situation. 

The differences in size made a huge impact on performance. A child or teenager usually can’t hold a big guitar, and since they don’t have a big finger, the 3/4 guitar is best for them. 

Yes, it won’t be as good as a full-sized guitar in sound quality, but for learning purposes, the portability and comfort matter more. 

However, if the case is the opposite, like you’re a professional artist, you should definitely go for a full-sized guitar. When someone performs on the stage, the main thing that matters is the sound quality. 

Price of Guitar

Lastly, the thing that matters is the price. Not everyone has a big budget to purchase a full-sized guitar. That’s why, in the beginning, people usually choose 3/4 guitars as they’re affordable and also easy to use. 

Then after some time, they switch the guitar and select the full-size. Now the choice is yours; if you have a good budget, there’s nothing wrong with picking a full-size guitar. Otherwise, you always have the option of 3/4 guitar. 

Which One Is Suitable For You?

Though the best guitar depends on you. But, we think if you’re a beginner and don’t have a big budget, the 3/4 is the best choice. It’s easy to use and perfect for people under 16. 

On the other hand, the full-size guitar is the perfect choice for professional people. You can enjoy your performance along with countless people without worrying about anything. 

Tip – If your height is low, make sure to practice with a full-size guitar before playing on the stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 3/4 size guitar for adults?

Yes, a 3/4 size is also for adults, particularly those with smaller hands and looking for smaller instruments than the traditional full-size models. These guitars are perfect for comfort while playing and also for people who frequently travel because of their size.

Is a 3/4 guitar better for small hands?

Yes, a 3/4 size guitar is better for small hands. It’s lighter, making it easier to handle and comfortable to play over an extended period of time. The shorter scale length makes it easier to press down the strings and makes it faster to learn basic guitar techniques. 

What age 3/4 guitar suits?

The suitable age for 3/4 guitar is up to 12 or even 16 years old students. However, adults can also use the 3/4 guitar, especially those with small hands and difficulty holding the big guitars. 


The summary of 3/4 guitar vs full size guitars is both are incredible but suitable for different people. You only have to find out which is the best for you. 

If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with the 3/4 guitar. They are less expensive and easier to handle for those who have small hands or are still growing. As you grow, you can move towards the full-size guitar.

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