Novo guitars are known for their high prices. A small number of guitars are produced each year, which is why are Novo guitars so expensive. In addition, Novo guitars are handcrafted, and some components are rare.

Why Are Novo Guitars So Expensive?

Novo Guitars are some of the most expensive guitars on the market. Materials and craftsmanship are of high quality. Guitar experts praise them all over the world for their sound. 

The lack of standard models makes each guitar unique. Due to this, parts and components are hard to find. Each year, the company produces a small number of guitars. It ranges in price from $3,200 to more than $25,000.

How did Novo get started, and what are their main products?

Novo was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs passionate about clean technology. In addition to improving air quality and protecting the environment, they develop innovative products.

Their main products are the Novo Air Purifier, which uses advanced filters to remove pollutants from the air, and the Novo Bagless Canister Vacuum, designed to save time and clean floors.

How does Novo differ from other companies?

The company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative products. While other companies focus on mass-producing inexpensive products, Novo designs and produces only a limited number of items each year.

How are Novo Guitars made, and where does the premium price come from?

Novo guitars are some of the most expensive guitars on the market. They’re made in Japan, and the premium price comes from the fact that they’re handcrafted. Making a Novo guitar is quite complicated, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get them right.

Novo guitars are some of the most expensive on the market, and they’re not cheap by any means. The reason they are so expensive is due to a few factors.

First and foremost, Novo is a brand known for producing high-quality instruments. This means that their guitars are built to last and to sound great no matter what style of music you play.

Another reason why Novo guitars are so expensive is that professional musicians often use them. These musicians invest in Novo guitars because they know they’ll produce good sound.

Novo Guitars – The Different Models and Styles

Novo guitars are made in a variety of different styles. You can choose from five different models.

  1. The first model is the Novo Grand Master. This guitar has an extremely deep body and a lot of sustain. These guitars are perfect for metal musicians who want to play big-sounding riffs.
  2. The next model is the Novo Rockmaster. This model is a little more compact and has a slightly different sound. The Novo Rockmaster can still produce some nice sounds, but it’s not as deep as the Grand Master.
  3. The next model is the Novo Custom. This model has a very different shape than the other models. This guitar also has two pickups and an electronic bridge.
  4. The last Novo model is the Novo Jazzmaster. Because it is made from alder wood, this model is unique. Due to its lightweight, it is less durable than other models. This guitar can also be made in a mahogany finish.
  5. Novo started with two guitars: the Novo Alder and the Novo Mahogany. They then started to make other models, like the Novo Jazzmaster and the Novo Stratocaster. These guitars have different tones, depending on their wood. The Novos are made in America and have a warranty that lasts one year.  The Novo Stratocaster is made with alder wood. This is the same wood used in classic Fender Stratocasters. A semi-hollow body makes the guitar very comfortable to hold due to its contoured shape.

What measures does Novo take to ensure high-quality products?

The Novo Nordisk company has been manufacturing quality-controlled products for over 100 years. The company takes many measures to ensure its products are of the highest quality, including rigorous testing and stringent quality control procedures.

Novo Nordisk also maintains a close relationship with their customers to ensure they are always satisfied with their products.

Why is Novo uniquely marketing their guitars?

Novo has been marketing their guitars uniquely, which will grab attention. Acoustic guitars will be discontinued, and electric guitars will be the company’s primary focus.

This shift in focus is likely due to the increasing popularity of electric guitars and the growing market for new guitar players. Novo’s decision to change its direction may not be popular with all consumers, but it is an innovative marketing approach.

How do they make their guitars, and what are the major factors contributing to their high price tags?

The production process of guitars is complex and lengthy, involving many steps and factors. Here, we’ll be discussing the main steps involved in guitar manufacturing and the major factors contributing to the final product.

First, the wood used for guitars must be selected wisely. The right type of wood will not only make for a strong and durable instrument, but it will also have a unique sound that can’t be replicated with any other material.

After the selected wood, it must be processed into the correct shape and size. This process can involve manual labor and machinery and ultimately result in a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing guitar.

After the wood has been properly shaped, it’s time to start assembling the instrument. Necks are normally attached to bodies with screws or bolts.

The neck is then attached to the body using truss rod adjustment. The truss rod allows the neck to bend in certain places and not others, which helps the instrument play in tune for years to come.


Novo has made headlines in recent years by dramatically reducing the prices of its guitars, a move that has often drawn criticism. But is this strategy effective? In this article, we analyze Novo’s approach to product pricing and offer some lessons for guitar enthusiasts interested in reducing prices.

First and foremost, Novo recognizes that not all consumers will be interested in or able to afford its high-end guitars. Rather than forcing buyers into an uncomfortable choice between a low price point and a quality product, Novo offers two different tiers of guitars – one at a lower price point and one at a higher price point.

This allows anyone interested in buying a Novo guitar to do so without feeling like they’re compromising on quality. Novo can also maintain a strong sales volume across all of its products.

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